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What clients have to say…

Melissa Terzi, VP of Sales and Marketing

Braman Group

“Suzanne is one of the most detailed and dedicated business people I’ve ever worked with. She is full of enthusiasm, and puts all of her energy into her work. Suzanne has a lot of integrity and passion and brings this to all of her business relationships.”

Stephanie Osceola, Sr. Partner Sales & Marketing Professional

Global Search Partners

“Suzanne’s experience in her field is unparalleled and she has a strong passion to help her students succeed. She is a true motivator and an excellent mentor.”

George Wachtel, Chairman

WordCom, Inc.

“Suzanne is a true Business Partner…one who works hard to help her clients meet their goals and objectives.”

John Stockhausen, President

MDC Group, Inc.

“I have worked both for Suzanne and with Suzanne and her drive, can-do attitude and integrity makes her an ideal person to help any organization reach its goals.”

Ron Foster, CEO – President

Global Sports Management, LLC

“I have worked with Suzanne for years. She is dedicated, trustworthy and loyal in everything she does! Suzanne is always willing to put in the effort in order to be successful regarding business and partnerships. I would recommend Suzanne to anyone that was interested in working with her.”


Jeff Dean, Business Sales and Operations Manager


“Suzanne is a driven professional. She never lets the word ‘no’ stand in her way. Suzanne has drive to get you and your organization ‘over the hump’.”

Fritz Goltermann, Owner

P&J Graphics Printing Services

“Suzanne is very professional but what I like best is her video at Red Rock Leadership. Suzanne get’s right to the point and is very good at strategy, goals and a game plan.”

Plant, Business Development Manager

Blue Sky Incubation Program, USF Polytechnic

“Suzanne is an engaging and dynamic speaker. She provides specific strategies to increase business opportunities and is highly motivational.”

Torri Sloan, President, PEO Consultant

Employer Solutions Plus, Inc, PEO Consulting Practice

“Suzanne has an amazing gift in connecting people and seeing to it that those relationships flourish! The moment I met Suzanne, she motivated me to be a better business owner and armed me with new ideas to help me grow my practice.”

Michael Nakelski, Assistant Office Manager

Morrow Technologies Corporation

“Suzanne is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She has successfully developed several marketing plans for our company that have resulted in increased revenue. We saw an increase in profits that all goals. The new revenue was a direct result of the plans implemented by Suzanne.

Suzanne was also extraordinarily helpful. In addition to writing effective training modules for sales representatives, Suzanne assumed a leadership role in sales meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees.”

Lisa Thornsberry, Director of Marketing


“Suzanne’s Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring skills are extraordinary. Her initial intuition is right on target, and she quickly backs it up with detailed facts. Her public speaking and training skills are impeccable. She thinks out of the box, and executes flawlessly to get results. Most of all, she is ethical and balances the interests of those around her to achieve Win-Win results.”

Dan Kennedy

“Suzanne is a motivation dynamo! She has gotten me out of my comfort zone, thus allowing me to increase my production and my attitude!”

Tommy Mann

“Suzanne is extraordinary leader, she provided me with many tools that allowed me to excel and achieve success within her organization. A motivator with tenacious approach, that always managed to close any deals with her bright and charming attitude. I learned a lot of positive skills from her and have to always be grateful I had the pleasure of working for her and with her.”

Brent Crabtree, CEO, Founder


“Suzanne is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. She is always so thoughful and willing to help anyone that crosses her path. Her compassion bleeds into all areas of her life and I feel incredibly fortunate to know her. She is an amazing leader and is respected by everyone that is lucky enough to meet her. Her attention to detail in creating and sustaining relationships all over the business world is second to none. Suzanne is an inspirational person and everyone in business should get to know her!!!”

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